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Business Grade Features – Already Included
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Automated Attendant
Navigates caller through a menu system. For example, “Please dial 1 for sales, 2 for accounting, etc.” Create simple automated systems to accept credit card payments, enter timesheets, etc.
Remote Office Support
Connects callers located anywhere in the world to one phone system, as if they were at adjacent desks. Create a phone system with no boundaries.
Call Routing
Directs inbound calls to destinations based on criteria such as: inbound dialed number, time of day, and/or caller ID.
Conference Bridging
Creates a conference call between any number of callers whenever you want – it's always available. Create multiple conference call numbers so they can be used at the same time. No need to schedule in advance – or pay.
Unlimited Extensions
Your agileTel phone system grows as you grow. Start with 5 phones, end up with 5,000. agileTel takes care of the details, and you don't throw away any phone system hardware.
Time of Day Scheduler
Creates inbound calling rules based on time-of-day and day-of-week. For instance, route calls to the receptionist during weekdays; route them to voicemail on weekends.

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Additional Features Offered in Same Package
Backup/Restore Scripting
Performs regular backups of critical information for safekeeping. Assure swift recovery from outages and natural disasters.
Creates custom list of identified individuals or organizations that are not approved to complete calls.
Blind Transfer
Transfers a call to another extension without the need to wait for the other person to pick up.
Call Details Record
Records all source and destination phone numbers, call durations, dates, times, etc.
Call Forward on Busy
Forwards calls automatically to another extension if the phone is busy.
Call Forward on No Answer
Forwards calls to another extension if they are not answered after a defined number of rings.
Call ID on Call Waiting
Displays the phone number of a second caller while talking to the first caller.
Call Monitoring
Gives authorized callers (e.g., supervisors, quality assurance) the ability to listen in on a phone conversation.
Call Parking
Enables a call to get 'parked' on a virtual extension. Third party dials into that extension to pick up call.
Call Queuing
Places multiple calls in a queue, which get answered by the next available service representative.
Call Recording
Records a phone conversation for later playback.
Call Retrieval
Pages a person to pick up the call.
Call Transfer
Transfers a call to another extension. Call Transfer can be done in both attended and unattended (blind) modes.
Call Waiting
Switches between two simultaneous calls.
Caller ID
Displays the caller’s phone number on a phone’s screen. Remote phone sends the caller’s ID.
Conference Center
Hosts a conference call with PIN access and automated attendant. The number of conference attendees is limited only by network bandwidth.
Dial by Name
Dials a person by his/her name with the phone’s numeric keypad.
Dial by Name Directory
Routes incoming calls to voicemail when focus time is important.
Do Not Disturb
Automatically routes incoming calls to voicemail, receptionist, or alternate extension.
Enhanced 911 (E911)
Provides routing of Emergency calls (911) to the appropriate Public Service Access Point (PSAP) for the location linked with the Caller ID. This service requires exact, physical addresses for each Caller ID so that emergency personnel can find location of emergency. See more information below.*
Find Me/Follow Me
“Find Me” enables a user to receive a call at any location. “Follow Me” enables a user to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.
Graphical Administration
Provides access to maintenance tasks using any standard web browser. Administration is done locally or remotely.
Allows one-to-many communication using the speakerphone on supported phones, without the need for the called party to pick up the receiver or hit a button. Great for announcements.
Local and Remote Call Agents
Gives staff ability to log onto agileTel, with appropriate security, from any phone. Callers make or take calls as if they were in their office.
Music on Hold (MOH)
Gives caller music when placed on hold. A reasonable selection of tracks is provided and stored on the server. Configure Internet streaming sources for MOH.
Music on Transfer
Plays music when calls are transferred between extensions.
Paperless Fax
Sends and receives fax documents via electronic mail.
Ring Groups
Configures extension groups to ring when a call is placed to one or more extensions in the group. The first handset picking up the call gets it.
Remote Call Pickup
Picks up a call from a remote location.
Route by Caller ID
Connects a call to a given extension, call queue, or group of extensions based on the caller’s phone number.
Talk Detection
Detects whether a person or an answering machine is talking.
Technical Support
Utilizes remote control software to get into individual phones to detect and remedy issues. agileTel is there to help you with phone system configuration, phone configuration and service issues.
Three-Way Calling
Connects three people into a mini-conference call.
Time and Date
Reads the time and date to the caller.
Records a message from a caller when user is away from desk. Delivers the voicemail message via email as well as the standard flashing light on user’s phone.
*Enhanced 911 (E911) is a feature of the 911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number as required by the Wireless Communications and Public Safety Act of 1999. It provides emergency responders with the location of the emergency without the person calling for help having to provide it. VoIP providers are attempting to solve complicated technological problems with implementing E911 with VoIP. VoIP phones are on the Internet and nomadic; the location of the individual placing the 911 call can be very difficult to determine.