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How many office phones?
How many phone #’s needed?
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What is the pricing plan for internet phone products and services?
Category Product/Service Price
Monthly Rate Phone Service and Extensions $21.99
  • Rate is per extension
  • Includes 1 phone number (DID) for each extension
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound domestic minutes
  • See rate table for outbound international minutes
Monthly Rate Additional Phone Numbers (DIDs) $6
  • Rate is per DID*
  • Includes 800 numbers
*No cost for # DIDs up to # extensions
Monthly Rate Email-Fax Service $20
  • Rate is per fax number (DID)
  • Includes 1 fax number (DID)
  • Unlimited use
Monthly Rate (Optional Service) Configuration and Management Service $3
  • Rate is per extension
  • Let agileTel manage your phone system for you
Monthly Rate (Optional Service) Phone Replacement Service $2
  • Rate is per extension
  • 2-day replacement service
  • Replacement is for the life of your agileTel service
One-Time Rate Phone Number Porting $20
  • Port your existing phone number to the agileTel service
One-Time Rate IP Phones
  • Contact us for our support phones and prices
  • Preferred suppliers include Snom, Aastra, and Polycom
  • agileTel also supports specific PC-based softphones
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What are your international rates?

Enter country code extension. For a list of extensions click here
For countries with USA area codes such as Jamaica please include the leading 1

What phone number(s) can I get in my area?
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How do I know if my broadband connection is capable?
Use to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection.
What is a VoIP network assessment?
This service will examine all relevant aspects of your network and will provide recommendations as to appropriate equipment (additions or upgrades) such as Ethernet switches, routers, or broadband Internet connections. This service may be performed by a local reseller, or can be done with our representatives over the phone or via e-mail, given a listing of the equipment, by make/model that is in use.
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Does agileTel offer a VoIP reseller program?
Yes. We offer an attractive compensation program that enables you to participate in agileTel’s success. You are invited to try out our service with no strings attached – and at no cost either. With our servers, we will set up your account and give you a generous credit to call anywhere in the world. You can make and receive calls with a temporary, assigned phone number. Additionally, you will be able to check out your online account in the agileTel Account Center. All you need is a SIP phone (hard or soft). Thank you for your interest in agileTel and please contact us for more information.
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See Jeff's Story
agileTel has provided my company with top drawer customer service. When we had technology issues even outside of their business, they were there to support us to make our business work. Thanks agileTel for being there for us.
Craig J.
M&I Tax and Accounting Inc.

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